On the daily pursuit of finding flow.

There is so much more to our wellbeing than meditation and movement. 

A mindful life should not exist at the expense of all the trappings of a modern one, but rather as a way to make sense of it all. We can do this through achieving a state of flow.

Lach is a breath-based meditation teacher and student, aspiring Ironman, and amateur writer living in rural Japan. 

Lach has worked with athletes, executives, schools and has had the opportunity to work with global companies including lululemon and Colliers. 

With a discipline grounded in functional breathing pattern training, secular mindfulness and endurance training, Lach’s expertise spans breathwork, meditation, and Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR).

With a personal practice drawing from both western science and eastern philosophies, over the course of several years he has studied with renowned teachers and studios including Patrick McKeown, Happy Melon Studios, and The Oxygen Advantage.

G’day, I am grateful you are here.

To welcome you to my community, I would love to send you a complimentary meditation on the flow state; a concentrated form of mindfulness. From opting in to my journal, expect some thoughtful notes and guiding words on how you can achieve a state of flow.  



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